Materials and Methods developed in CambiaLabs


CAMBIA is unfortunately no longer able to provide materials at this time.  You can request the materials from any other lab that uses or publishes using any of our materials. Cambia is OK with this arrangement and does not require any payment or license. Thanks for your interest in pCAMBIA vectors.

Work at CAMBIA has resulted in the design and development of a variety of technologies. Below is a list of the technologies which CAMBIA developed: 

» pCAMBIA binary vectors

More Information:

  • More information about the materials developed by Cambia can be found by accessing the Cambialabs

Legacy pCAMBIA Vector Kit -  

pCAMBIA0380, pCAMBIA0390, pCAMBIA1200, pCAMBIA1201, pCAMBIA1281Z, pCAMBIA1291Z, pCAMBIA1300, pCAMBIA1301, pCAMBIA1302, pCAMBIA1303, pCAMBIA1304, pCAMBIA1380, pCAMBIA1381Xa, pCAMBIA1381Xb, pCAMBIA1381Xc, pCAMBIA1381Z, pCAMBIA1390, pCAMBIA1391, pCAMBIA1391Xa, pCAMBIA1391Xb, pCAMBIA1391Xc, pCAMBIA1391Z, pCAMBIA2200, pCAMBIA2201, pCAMBIA2300, and pCAMBIA2301

pCAMBIA Legacy Vectors

Standard GUSPlus Vector kit -  

pCAMBIA1105.1, pCAMBIA1305.1, pCAMBIA1305.2, pCAMBIA0305.1, pCAMBIA0305.2, pCAMBIA1105.1R and pCAMBIA0105.1R,

GUSPlus Vector kit -  

pCAMBIA1105.1R-RC,   pCAMBIA1105.1-RC, pCAMBIA1105.1U 

pCAMBIA GUSPlus Vectors

» TransBacter  -

Transbacter strains/unitary vectors 

Rhizobium leguminosarum  bv. Trifolii strain ANU845 + pCAMBIA5105 NEW
Rhizobium leguminosarum  bv. Trifolii strain ANU845 + pCAMBIA5106

Sinorhizobium meliloti + pCAMBIA 5105
Sinorhizobium meliloti + pCAMBIA 5106 NEW   

Transbacter strains/ binary vectors

Mesorhizobium loti + pWBTi1 + pCAMBIA1105.1R
Rhizobium sp. NGR 234 + pWBTi1 + pCAMBIA1105.1R
Rhizobium sp. NGR 234 + pWBTi3 + pCAMBIA1105.1R
Sinorhizobium meliloti + pWBTi1 + pCAMBIA1105.1R
Sinorhizobium meliloti + pWBTi3
Sinorhizobium meliloti + pWBTi3 + pCAMBIA1105.1R

Unitary vectors -


Transbacter materials

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