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BioSentinel (a.k.a BioIndicators)

This project was created to provide non-disruptive, nondestructive, in vivo management modules that farmers and/or various agricultural communities could access cost-free through the BioForge and a BiOS license. The modules are designed to harness the creativity and ingenuity of local communities to assemble, test, and selectively adopt these protocols according to their needs and wishes.


GUSPlus is a new reporter gene for use in molecular biology and plant transformation.


Use of transactivator cassettes may enable precisely-controlled gene expression while getting around many promoter patents.


Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics. Built around the seminal work of Cambia's former Chief Scientist Andrzej Kilian, the many splice variants of the catalytic subunit of human telomerase present intriguing possibilities.

Cowpea Transformation 

TransBacter transformation of cowpea may lead to insect resistant crops.


TransBacter is a new method of gene transfer for plants - or indeed any eukaryotic organism - using bacterial species outside the genus Agrobacterium. TransBacter is designed to be a work-around to the many patents covering Agrobacterium transformation and thus aims to overcome the current IP restrictions. It also has some technical advantages to Agrobacterium.

Legacy pCAMBIA Vectors

Developing new vector technologies aimed at making DNA construction and reporter gene fusions less cumbersome.

Apomixis (Egg Apparatus-Specific Enhancer) 

Clonal reproduction of plants via seed, known as apomixis, has the potential to change plant breeding technology. 

Diversity-Arrays (DArT™) 

DArT, or diversity arrays, is a technology developed by CAMBIA that enables researchers to analyze plant and animal genomes.

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