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Selected Presentations

  • M. B. Connett Porceddu, N. Bacon, D. Ashton, B. Baillie, N. dos Remedios, Y. Wei, R. A. Jefferson (2007) "Constructive Approaches to Intellectual Property Complexity in Today’s Agricultural Technology World". Read Abstract (info)
  • M.B. Connett Porceddu and R.A. Jefferson (2007) BiOSentinel Plants:  Enabling Farmer Choice.  Hainan, China.  See this presentation (info).
  • Presentation by Richard Jefferson at Googleplex - "The LAMP Stack for life sciences is not just a techno-dream, but a social entrepreneur's imperative." Watch Google Video | Download Abstract (info)
  • Jefferson RA, Jefferson OA, Smith LA, Baillie B, Raines S, Ulker B, Tassie A, Tian L and Connett MB (2006) Freedom to Cooperate:  Transbacter as a Biological Open Source (BiOS) tool for gene transfer.  Download this abstract (info)
  • Connett M, Jefferson RA (2005) Unblocking the Obstacles to Open Use. International Union of Forest Research Organisations, Pretoria, South Africa. Download this abstract (info)
  • (2005) Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Meeting Report: Open Source Models of Collaborative Innovation. Richard Jefferson and Marie Connett presented open source license and participation models. Download this report (info)
  • Connett M, Jefferson RA (2005) Is Your Inventive Work in Plant Biology Subject to Denial of Service? American Society of Plant Biologists Conference. Seattle, USA. Download this abstract (info)
  • Jefferson RA (2005) "Pay no attention to the Man Behind the Curtain": The Open Source paradigm moves to genomics. Genome Canada’s GE3LS Symposium: Social Divisions in the Genomic Era: Issues in Agriculture, Environment, Fisheries and Forestry. Toronto, Canada. Download this abstract
  • Weir B (2005) Gene transfer to Plants by Diverse Species of Bacteria. American Society of Plant Biologists Conference, Seattle, USA. Download this abstract (info)
  • Thach TN, Shannon F, Kilian A (2004) AraC/AvrXa10 - A New Transactivator for Plant Functional Genomics, Mekong Rice Conference, Vietnam. Download the abstract (info)
  • Jefferson RA, Nugroho S (1996) Molecular Strategies for Hybrid Rice: Male Sterility and Apomixis. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Hybrid Rice, Hyderabad, India.