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Papers and Publications - 2001

  • Jaccoud D, Peng K, Feinstein D, Kilian A (2001) Diversity Arrays: a solid state technology for sequence information independent genotyping. Nucleic Acids Research 29(4): 25-31. Download this paper (info)
  • Jefferson R A (2001) "Transcending Transgenics - Are there "Babies in the Bathwater," or is that a Dorsal Fin? The Future of Food: Biotechnology Markets and Policies in an International Setting. Ed. P.G.Pardey. Washington, D.C.: John Hopkins Press, 2001. pp. 75-95. Download this paper (info)
  • Nugroho S, Jefferson RA (2001) The Identification of Rice Oryza sativa GSK-3-Related Protein Kinase Gene Family using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Meiotic Regulatory Gene RIM11 as probe. Annales Bogorienses n.s. 7: 39-55.