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Papers and Publications - 2004

  • Connett Porceddu M, Jefferson R A (2004) Fostering Democratic Innovation as a Means of Reducing the 10/90 Gap in Health. Global Forum 8 on Health Research to meet the Millenium Development Goals, Mexico City. Download this paper (info) or go to the Global Forum Health website
  • Connett Porceddu M (2004) Intellectual Property and Promoting R&D for the Public Interest in the Asian Region: Inclusionary and Distributive Innovation System Options. UNCTAD / ICTSD Regional Dialogue “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), Innovation and Sustainable Development”, Hong Kong, SAR, People’s Republic of China. Download this paper (info)
  • Heller-Uszynska K, Kilian A (2004) Microarray TRAP--a high-throughput assay to quantitate telomerase activity. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 15;323(2):465-72. Download this paper (info)