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Papers and Publications - 2005

  • Broothaerts W, Mitchell H J, Weir B, Kaines S, Smith L M A, Yang W, Mayer J E, Roa-Rodriguez C, Jefferson R A (2005) Gene transfer to plants by diverse species of bacteria, Nature 433:629-633. Download this paper (info)
  • Connett-Porceddu, Marie, Ashton DE, Bacon N, dos Remedios N, Nottenburg C, Okada S, Quinn G, Wei Y and Jefferson RA (2005) Analysis of Trends in Search and Retrieval of Intellectual Property-Related Information, IP Australia. Download this paper (info)
  • Connett-Porceddu, Marie, Ashton DE, Bacon N (2005) Aspects of Search and Retrieval of Trademark and Plant Variety Rights Information, IP Australia.  Download this paper (info)
  • Liang W, Wilson K, Xie H, Knol J, Suzuki S, Rutherford N G, Henderson P, Jefferson R A (2005) The gusBC Genes of Escherichia coli Encode a Glucuronide Transport System, Journal of Bacteriology 187(7):2377-2385. Download this paper (info)
  • Wenzl P, Wong L, Kwang-won K, Jefferson RA (2005) A Functional Screen Identifies Lateral Transfer of ß-Glucuronidase (gus) from Bacteria to Fungi, Molecular Biology and Evolution 22(2):308–316. Download this paper (info)
  • Wittenberg A, van der Lee T, Cayla C, Kilian A, Visser R and Schouten H, (2005) Validation of the high-throughput marker technology DArT using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana Molecular Genetics and Genomics 274(1): 30-39
  • Yang W, Jefferson R A, Huttner E, Moore J M, Gagliano W B, Grossniklaus U (2005) An Egg Apparatus-Specific Enhancer of Arabidopsis, Identified by Enhancer Detection, Plant Physiology 139:1421-1432. Download this paper