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Papers and Publications - 2006

  • Brand L, Hörler M, Nüesch E, Vassalli S, Barrell P, Yang W, Jefferson RA, Grossniklaus U, Curtis MD. (2006) A Versatile and Reliable Two-component System for Tissue-specific Gene Induction in ArabidopsisPlant Physiology 141:1194-1204. (Abstract).
  • Connett-Porceddu M, Tranh T, Jefferson R, Kilian A (2006) Transactivation Lines in Rice: Evaluation of Insertional Mutants and Development of Effective Transactivator Platform for FTO and Co-ordinate Gene Expression.  Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation published report. Download this paper (info)
  • Yang S, Pang W, Ash G, Harper J, Carling J, Wenzl P, Huttner E, Zong X, Kilian A (2006) Low level of genetic diversity in cultivated Pigeonpea compared to its wild relatives is revealed by diversity arrays technology.  Theor Appl Genet. 113(4): 585-95.  (Abstract).