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Biological Gene Transfer System for Eukaryotic Cells (TransBacter™)

This invention relates generally to technologies for the transfer of nucleic acids molecules to eukaryotic cells. In particular non-pathogenic species of bacteria that interact with plant cells are used to transfer nucleic acid sequences. The bacteria for transforming plants usually contain binary vectors, such as a plasmid with a vir region of a Ti plasmid and a plasmid with a T region containing a DNA sequence of interest. Patents pending are published in the United States as US 2005/0289672 and US 2005/0289667, and as PCT Publication WO 2006/004914, and as European Patent EP 1781082 and as application number 200580029146.8 in China. 

Vectors and strains, and use for applications in biotechnology, are available under a BiOS license, which allows both research and commercial application in worldwide fields of use royalty-free.  Contact for more information.

Technical information about TransBacter

IP Portfolio licensable from Cambia

Cambia is in the process of implementing its new policy to maximize the public use of its work product.   To this end, we intend to a) abandon all of our patent protection over our inventions and no longer require licensing of any type, and b)  and to longer restrict use of our physical materials through materials transfer agreements (MTA).


We will simply ask that all users of technology or know-how from Cambia acknowledge our contribution to your work.  Those who wish to contribute financially are of course welcomed to do so.


This new policy will be announced publicly in due course.

Biological Gene Transfer System for Eukaryotic Cells (TransBacter™)

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